A Free Graphical File Utility
Author Pierre Jourdan

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FileSpliter is a software written in pure Java 2. It allows you to split a file into many pieces of custom length, then to join this pieces to recreate the original file.
It is helpful to bypass mail size limitation and to backup big files on multiple disks (floppy, memory card, iomega zip).
It is not yet a command line tool as they already exist under unix (split,cat) and partly under windows (copy file1 + file2 file /b).
This is quite a simple tool, but that I never found totally free on all operating systems, so I decide to finally write it myself for my own use.
Source code is availabe. This is an open source project if anyone want to contribute, specially regarding the internationalization (today only english and french, but I would like to include german, spanish, and all other languages).


FileSplitter is WebStart enabled
FileSplitter v1.0 (<60ko)
Source of FileSplitter



- a Java2 Runtime Environment version, I advise you to always use the latest (see
- small space on disk ( < 100ko)
- few free memory



     The Java-enabled edition of FileSplitter is a ZIP archive that contains:
       -) filesplitter.jar - a signed executable JAR-file
       -) copyright.txt   - copyright notes
       -) filesplitter.ico - a Windows icon file

     Extract the files from the ZIP archive. Do not extract files from
     the JAR. Then run it ;-)

     To run FileSplitter from a command-line, change directory to
     where the JAR-file is located. Then execute:
        java -jar filesplitter.jar

     On most platforms you can launch FileSplitter by using a
     platform-specific mechanism to launch the executable JAR file.
     For example, on MS Windows you can double-click the JAR.


     You can launch FileSplitter with a single click from your Web browser and be sure to run always the latest version.
     This requires Java Web Start technology version 1.0 or later (included in the JRE since1.4) installed on your computer.
     Just click on the "start" link of the Web Start enabled edition.

Future enhancements

Here are some ideas:
- command line execution,
- add a zip command to prepare backup of multiple files or directory,
- drag and drop feature,
- use native buffers started with Java 1.4,
- add webstart links to this page,
- creates icons,
- create one shortcut (a class or a shell script or an xml descriptive file) after a split to allows to do the join in one click and checksum verification, keep name of original file, etc ...
- allows saving directly on disks,
- enhance GUI to be less basic and "coool" (add a look and feel and/or skins menu).
Send me a mail for any of your idea, comment :


v1.0 - 2001/01 : Split and Join of files is working.

FileSplitter is a utility of Jourdan Pierre.
Copyright © 2001, Jourdan Pierre,
06100 Nice - France.
All rights reserved.

Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States
and other countries.